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The Mystical City of God Chaplet draws on the rich revelations made by Our Lady to Venerable Mary of Agreda, which were transcribed into the four volume work, Mystical City of God.


Each stone and bead in this handmade chaplet was very carefully selected to accurately represent the twelve foundations of the City of God, in both hue and radiance, as described by Venerable Mary of Agreda in Mystical City of God. The chaplet is comprised of twelve pearls, representing the twelve gates of pearls leading to the City of God as well as twelve gemstones representing its twelve foundations. It is made of genuine freshwater pearls, 14k gold-filled wire, jasper, chalcedony, sardonyx, and Swarovski crystals.


The prayers that comprise the chaplet are derived from the original text of Mary of Agreda's Mystical City of God, particularly the section that describes the twelve gates of pearl that lead to the City of God and its foundations. This excerpt is provided in the booklet, following the prayers.

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